2255: The Smart Way to Improve Speed, Power, & Performance With Brian Kula

Jan 22, 2024
2255: The Smart Way to Improve Speed, Power, & Performance With Brian Kula
  • The difference between how he applies or approaches training his athletes vs. how other athletes try to improve speed, power, and performance. (2:39)

  • It’s a family business! His background in the training space. (4:52)

  • The components that contribute to speed and how you train for it. (6:47)

  • Fatigue is the enemy. (8:19)

  • “If there’s a PR done in practice, you’re done with that session immediately.” (11:08)

  • Getting the client to adapt to the philosophy. (15:49)

  • The power of the central nervous system. (18:26)

  • How a warmup looks for one of his athletes. (21:21)

  • How the assessment process changes with various levels of athlete. (26:00)

  • Sleep is the #1 supplement. (28:10)

  • The fine line between using technology and simply kicking ass. (32:00)

  • Building upon the foundation built over years of experience and great mentors. (35:03)

  • The influence of various sports methods on how he programs. (37:18)

  • The three most important exercises for football players. (39:20)

  • The concept of ‘slack and contract’. (46:52)

  • The big rocks to aim for when it comes to diet and nutrition. (50:08)

  • What makes Christian McCaffrey so special? (52:44)

  • The level of difference between high school, college, and professional athletes. (55:02)

  • The mental attributes of top athletes that separate them. (59:25)

  • Does he get more joy from training younger or pro athletes? (1:01:20)

  • The work that goes into training a pro athlete. (1:02:57)

  • “If you choose to do something, there is inherent risk in all of them.” (1:05:54)

  • Top supplements for his athletes. (1:09:59)

  • His favorite recovery tools. (1:11:57)

  • How does he currently train? (1:13:12)

  • Scaling his business to a mainstream audience. (1:16:15)

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