2217: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Nov 30, 2023
2217: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
  • The goal and reason why he created the ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship) conference. (1:41)

  • The hierarchy of values. (14:12)

  • Why narratives/stories are important to humans. (19:47)

  • How biblical stories are at the core of the shared story we all see the world. (32:20)

  • The basic flaw in diversity and multicultural theory. (39:25)

  • The frightening trend of childlessness among women. (47:28)

  • What drives his natural curiosity? (54:15)

  • Which reality are we going to choose? (1:01:40)

  • The importance of ‘play’ with our children. (1:04:20)

  • The differences between the genders when it comes to poking and pranks. (1:17:14)

  • Producing a virtual world that’s overlayed on the actual world. (1:20:57)

  • Why Twitter is a snake pit. (1:25:30)

  • Dealing with the pressure and stress of saying what he thinks. (1:29:29)

  • The value of having a partner who has your back. (1:36:24)

  • The difference between being a father and a grandfather. (1:39:05)

  • The impact of the birth control pill. (1:44:30)

  • The small/difficult window for women to find a partner. (1:52:19)

  • Don’t let your children do anything that makes you dislike them. (2:00:28)

  • Why he appreciates comedy. (2:06:53)

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