2192: Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Adeel Khan

Oct 26, 2023
2192: Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Adeel Khan
  • Catching up with the Muscle Doc. (2:40)

  • Introducing Dr. Adeel Khan to the audience. (9:00)

  • How big of an impact does combining their forces make for an athlete? (13:27)

  • At the end of the day, the right compound needs to get to the right place. (15:31)

  • How to regenerate tissue using stem cells and the myths surrounding them. (18:39)

  • Explaining the world’s first reversible plasma gene therapy. (27:04)

  • Intersecting professional sports with medicine. (36:35)

  • The cutting-edge science around intranasal insulin. (47:03)

  • Looking at practicality and real-world evidence. (49:54)

  • Understanding the limitations of what they do. (54:42)

  • How do you know when to correct a movement pattern issue with an athlete or not? (58:10)

  • Is there any tech Jordan appreciates? (1:11:33)

  • Understanding at a skeletal level how muscles protect your body. (1:16:55)

  • Why principles are the core of what informs better research to be done in the first place. (1:19:23)

  • Is creatine the ultimate longevity supplement available over the counter? (1:27:23)

  • Why 8-week hypertrophy studies are dumb. (1:28:48)

  • The impact of his Pre-Script courses. (1:35:33)

  • Why Jordan loves working with athletes the most. (1:38:21)

  • What sport presents the most challenges with load management? (1:43:15)

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