2182: From Adversity to Model Health With Shawn Stevenson

Oct 12, 2023
2182: From Adversity to Model Health With Shawn Stevenson

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Shawn Stevenson, author of Sleep Smarter, Eat Smarter, and the new Eat Smarter Family Cookbook

  • Learning along the way as a parent. (2:29)

  • “Life doesn’t call the qualified. Life qualifies the called.” (5:50)

  • We are a product of our environment but also CREATORS of it. (11:17)

  • Fighting his way through life. (19:39)

  • “What can I do to feel better?” His transformation moment with his health. (28:11)

  • The three things he did to change his health. (36:31)

  • Taking his education into his own hands. (41:31)

  • Tackling the seed oil debate. (50:26)

  • Looking at alternative forms of medicine for clues or hints that science hasn’t looked at yet. (58:49)

  • Why an individual approach is the best. (1:05:56)

  • How your culture controls your choices. (1:09:36)

  • Steps to create a healthier micro-culture in your household. (1:22:16)

  • The impetus behind his new book and what makes it different. (1:36:24)

  • Challenging your children through ‘safe stressors’. (1:47:12)

  • Exposing your children to different environments so they can learn from other voices. (1:54:32)

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