2170: Inside the Mind of a World Class Personal Trainer With Jordan Syatt

Sep 25, 2023
2170: Inside the Mind of a World Class Personal Trainer With Jordan Syatt

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with world class trainer Jordan Syatt. 

  • Mind Pump’s message of promoting the BEST trainers in the world. (1:44)

  • His approach to health & fitness since becoming a father. (3:33)

  • Being hyper-aware that your child is constantly downloading information. (7:15)

  • How his business has changed, and the rise of fitness influencers. (11:05)

  • Why access to too much information can be a bad thing. (19:02)

  • The most important things he communicates to his clients. (24:37)

  • Why is the fitness industry failing? (30:40)

  • The importance of telling the TRUTH. (34:32)

  • The welcome change of strength training in the gym. (40:45)

  • His thoughts on companies like F45 or Orangetheory. (46:07)

  • The difference between hating on a movement pattern vs. effort or intensity. (47:09)

  • The prerequisites of being a great coach or trainer. (50:28)

  • Jordan’s general guidelines around nutrition. (57:02)

  • The reasoning behind his 30-day spiking blood sugar experiment. (1:06:16)

  • How does he feel about education with his kid? (1:16:20)

  • Communicating the value of actively pursuing religion and spirituality. (1:20:49)

  • His relationship and fears around money. (1:39:09)

  • The big picture with his business. (1:49:57)

  • A deep dive into Jordan’s business and financial streams. (1:55:24)

  • The biggest roadblocks for people in the industry. (2:08:43)

  • Where would he be without fitness? (2:12:43)

  • Misconceptions that keep people out of the gym. (2:15:07)

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