2135: Barbell Squat Masterclass

Aug 07, 2023
2135: Barbell Squat Masterclass
  • One of the MOST important exercises, the barbell squat masterclass. (1:10)

  • An exceptional lower-body exercise that has an amazing carryover effect throughout the whole body. (4:32)

  • Squatting is a FUNDAMENTAL human movement. (10:14)

  • The distinct types of squats. (11:16)

  • All complex movements have a substantial risk of injury if performed improperly. (14:36)

  • The requirements needed to perform a proper barbell squat. (16:23)

  • The BEST priming movements to perform before squatting. (23:15)

  • The workout: The placement of the bar, how to bail safely, slowly working up to heavy set, avoiding failure, best tempo, and number of days per week. (31:26)

  • Advanced squatting techniques. (41:17)

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