2122: Deadlift Masterclass

Jul 20, 2023
2122: Deadlift Masterclass

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin lay out everything you need to know to perfect your deadlift.

  • The deadlift, is one of the MOST valuable exercises you can do. (1:38)

  • Bulletproofing your back with the deadlift. (4:56)

  • The root of the controversy surrounding this exercise. (6:27)

  • Breaking down the two distinct versions of the deadlift. (9:21)

  • The different grip types and the value of each. (12:59)

  • Requirements to perform the deadlift. (22:07)

  • Priming movements to prep for deadlifting. (27:45)

  • Cues to be aware of before you perform the deadlift. (31:27)

  • Common errors when deadlifting. (36:44)

  • Give yourself time! (42:06)

  • Proper rep range, programming, and why you should avoid going to failure. (42:38)

  • Advanced deadlift techniques. (48:03)

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