2092: How to Cultivate Amazing Relationships With Adam Lane Smith

Jun 08, 2023
2092: How to Cultivate Amazing Relationships With Adam Lane Smith

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Adam Lane Smith, a licensed psychotherapist and highly sought-after relationship expert.

  • Why he does what he does today. (4:45)

  • What is Attachment Theory and how can it affect you as an adult? (5:59)

  • Cooperating in conflict. (11:14)

  • Breaking down the 4 Styles of Attachment. (14:09)

  • Why are the women the first to ask for a divorce? (19:55)

  • Old knowledge that has been lost. (23:36)

  • Why men need to feel powerful. (28:06)

  • Understanding the order of operations with your partner. (32:12)

  • Which attachments attract each other? (35:41)

  • Marriage glue. (41:05)

  • The four pieces of relationship security. (44:32)

  • The murkiness with the division of labor. (49:56)

  • The poor messaging to young men. (54:47)

  • Why women are in a no-win circumstance right now. (58:57)

  • Why kids are so anxious and depressed. (1:01:43)

  • The ramifications of too much access to pornography. (1:04:05)

  • Why a booty call does not turn into a marriage. (1:06:48)

  • The biggest challenges with modern life. (1:10:13)

  • Why we are more like chimps than bonobos. (1:11:52)

  • His thoughts on dating apps. (1:15:44)

  • The four characteristics of a good father. (1:25:03)

  • How most parents do not have a relationship with their kids, they manage them. (1:28:40)

  • Tactical rituals to be a better father. (1:31:09)

  • Why phones are one of the BIGGEST killers of sex. (1:37:05)

  • The role of the father during pregnancy. (1:41:00)

  • Why women with attachment issues have issues breastfeeding. (1:45:40)

  • The importance of leading your partner into healthier attachment. (1:48:10)

  • Run your marriage like a business and it will thrive. (1:49:55)

  • Why homeschool? (1:53:57)

  • The value in having oxytocin bonding routinely with your partner.(1:56:22)

  • The pros and cons of psychedelics. (2:00:37)

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