2082: Is Your Bank Safe? Chris Naghibi

May 25, 2023
2082: Is Your Bank Safe? Chris Naghibi

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin have an in-depth conversation with attorney, banker and real estate investor Chris Naghibi about the state of banks and the economy.

  • Chris’s “lazy moron” journey into the career he has now. (1:58)

  • What role do ‘rules & regulations’ play in some of these economic crises? (17:57)

  • Successful, but not stress-tested. (25:44)

  • What is a “run on the bank” and why is it so dangerous? (32:00)

  • Inflation’s comparison to losing body fat. (44:16)

  • Why in order to win you have to be an extremist. (48:38)

  • The impacts of institutional buying. (51:38)

  • His thoughts on long/short-term leases. (57:35)

  • How do these interest rate hikes affect banks? (1:03:58)

  • Playing ‘political chicken’ with the debt ceiling. (1:07:05)

  • Going down the rabbit hole on the future of digital currency. (1:13:02)

  • How retail traders influence the market. (1:18:45)

  • In order to create, we must destroy. The impact of A.I. (1:21:17)

  • Where can you put your money, earn the most, and spend the least? (1:31:50)

  • We are now trying to find ways to give people opportunities they didn’t earn. (1:35:40)

  • Changing your idea of investing. (1:39:37)

  • The impacts of hybrid work for society. (1:44:09)

  • Lessons learned from underwriting the wealthy. (1:51:22)

  • DO NOT confuse net worth with success. (2:03:46)

  • How does he wrestle with how his kid will inherit money? (2:08:19)

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