1950: Shoulder Building Masterclass

Nov 21, 2022
1950: Shoulder Building Masterclass

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin cover what it takes to build impressive shoulders.

  • One of the most aesthetic and functional muscles in the body is the shoulders. (1:24)
  • The anatomy and actions of the shoulder. (4:29)
  • Why shoulder injuries are the most common in the upper body. (7:10)
  • Form and technique. (8:25)
  • The best rep ranges to train and build the shoulders in. (12:28)
  • The best exercises to build amazing/functional shoulders. (17:21)
  • How no exercise is dangerous if performed with proper technique and form. (22:32)
  • If you want to prioritize your shoulders, do those exercises FIRST! (29:35)
  • The three major exercise categories of the shoulders and how to build them into your routine. (30:50)

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