1935: Supplements that Support Testosterone, Improve Sleep & Enhance Sex With Eric Trexler

Oct 31, 2022
1935: Supplements that Support Testosterone, Improve Sleep & Enhance Sex With Eric Trexler

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Eric Trexler about supplements that actually work.

  • Eric’s background in the fitness space. (1:09)
  • How it is better to contextualize supplements through research. (2:57)
  • How research can be used to cross-reference studies. (4:39)
  • The challenging balance to strike between trying to integrate academic and non-academic sources of information. (8:01)
  • Why he stopped looking for ah-ha moments. (9:26)
  • A deep dive into his research on energy expenditure. (11:32)
  • The complexity of the metabolism. (17:55)
  • What are some things he would caution people about starting on their health & fitness journey? (22:42)
  • Why the decline in testosterone? (25:03)
  • What does the data show about how men can increase their testosterone? Specific forms of exercise? Macros and diet? (27:08)
  • Can a high protein diet indirectly/positively affect testosterone? (36:26)
  • Why a hormone that is not reacting to its receptor isn’t doing much good. (37:55)
  • The compounds/supplements that data shows can make a significant difference in your testosterone levels. (40:28)
    • The first category of supplements: Broadly accepted. (41:12)
    • The second category of supplements: There is evidence, but academic studies debate. (46:47)
    • The third category of supplements: Not essential, but data shows they have positive effects. (50:16) 
  • Make your sleep hygiene a routine. (1:01:17)
  • Supplements that data shows can improve your quality of sleep. (1:03:00)
  • His fascination with “the pump,” and compounds/supplements that data shows to have positive effects on sexual performance. (1:12:19)
  • Why did he decide to work with Joy Mode? (1:31:45)

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