1880: The Value of Bodybuilding Knowledge With Kris Gethin

Aug 15, 2022
1880: The Value of Bodybuilding Knowledge With Kris Gethin

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Kris Gethin, fitness entrepreneur and former editor-in-chief for bodybuilding.com.

  • His interesting story of how he got into the fitness space. (2:47)
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a good therapist, it MATTERS if you’re a good salesperson. (7:12)
  • If you want to make money, DO NOT open a gym. (9:41)
  • His introduction into the Indian market and the massive opportunities there. (11:33)
  • A look behind the curtain of the decline of bodybuilding.com. (20:21)
  • A conversation on the current state of bodybuilding. (29:47)
  • The value of getting back to the basics. (35:46)
  • Does social media play an influence on the sport? (39:24)
  • His favorite and least favorite parts of bodybuilding. (41:57)
  • The importance of giving back and taking what he learned from bodybuilding into his daily practices. (45:00)
  • How having structure creates discipline. (50:33)
  • Where does his business acumen come from? (54:58)
  • The progression and future of the supplement industry. (57:25)
  • Is it a myth that the biggest bodybuilders are taking anabolics? (1:10:04)
  • The oura of intensity. (1:13:01)
  • His views on hormone replacement therapy. (1:17:28)
  • The pivotal moments in his training career. (1:20:12)

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