1825: Man Cheats Death & Builds Cold Plunge Business

May 30, 2022
1825: Man Cheats Death & Builds Cold Plunge Business

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Ryan Duey, founder of Plunge.

  • The origin story of his company. (1:50)
  • When a term can become something BIG! (5:54)
  • The transition from bankruptcy to successful entrepreneur. (8:27)
  • How a near-fatal accident changed the course of his life. (10:46)
  • Creating a place where he wanted to hang out. (17:23)
  • His inspiring introduction to cold plunging and its incredible benefits. (18:51)
  • The exciting feedback he has received from his customers. (24:38)
  • Justin’s epiphany through breathwork and the cold plunge. (26:55)
  • Walking a new customer through their first cold plunge experience. (29:11)
  • The ultimate hack to cure your mid-afternoon slump. (33:28)
  • Understanding the ever-expanding trajectory of the cold plunge market. (34:24)
  • Some interesting ways Kelly Starrett has incorporated workouts with cold plunges. (36:47)
  • He details his Shark Tank experience and the impact on their business. (40:39)
  • The challenges of being in growth mode. (52:51)
  • His connection to Sam Parr of The Hustle. (57:34)
  • The short commitment for AMAZING results. (59:40)
  • Who has become the first adopters? (1:00:55)
  • Favorite ways to combine hot and cold recovery methods. (1:01:55)
  • The future of The Cold Plunge. (1:04:42)

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