1807: Why All Moms Deserve Time for Self-Care

May 05, 2022
1807: Why All Moms Deserve Time for Self-Care

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin discuss the value of mothers and the need for them to prioritize taking time to care of themselves.

  • What drives moms to hire personal trainers more than any other demographic? (2:14)
  • You can’t pour from an empty cup. (5:50)
  • The value of working out to increase productivity. (8:16)
  • Learning from example. (12:17)
  • The importance of taking time for yourself. (17:03)
  • The #1 hurdle for this type of client. (19:37)
  • How you can workout in a way that actually energizes you! (23:37)
  • Strength feels attractive! (29:33)
  • The health benefits of resistance training in speeding up your metabolism. (30:34)
  • Train smarter, NOT harder. (31:57)
  • Being the example for your kids. (33:59)
  • The value in spending money for time. (37:06)
  • The top 2 tips for workout efficiency in terms of results in the gym. (40:23)
  • Why there is a hierarchy in exercise selection and programming. (42:57)
  • Don’t be afraid to break up your workouts. (44:45)
  • General, easy rules for strength training. (47:36)

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