1805: The Importance of Spiritual Health With Rabbi David Wolpe

May 02, 2022
1805: The Importance of Spiritual Health With Rabbi David Wolpe

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Rabbi David Wolpe about the importance of spiritual health in these challenging times.

  • A little background on Rabbi David Wolpe. (2:11)
  • Is religion still important in modern times? (3:25)
  • Why all good impulses need good institutions and organizations to keep them going. (4:58)
  • Is a spiritual practice essential for health? (7:30)
  • When has his faith been tested the most? (9:59)
  • The two key reasons why people suffer. (11:30)
  • Why evolution is a mixed bag. (14:36)
  • The dangers of moral altruism. (17:58)
  • The consequences of easy access to pornography. (21:15)
  • Why more knowledge isn’t necessarily solving things. (25:39)
  • What concerns him the most in the social landscape? (28:16)
  • How we have forgotten to forgive. (30:05)
  • What is the most popular book he has written, and why? (33:22)
  • When did he decide to become a Rabbi? (34:16)
  • His thoughts on the problems in higher education. (35:30)
  • Why is it popular to be anti-Israel? (37:36)
  • Does science need religion? (39:40)
  • Why what someone writes on the page isn’t necessarily the life that they lead. (42:51)
  • Are we made to worship? (46:13)
  • Why we have to coexist in this world. (48:23)
  • The overall impact of the pandemic on the church or synagogue. (51:15)
  • How does he counsel couples through marital problems? (56:33)
  • What has his interest right now? (57:50)
  • His advice for a better life. (59:12)
  • Keep searching for meaning! (1:00:49)

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