1792: The Secrets of Happy People With Arthur C. Brooks

Apr 14, 2022
1792: The Secrets of Happy People With Arthur C. Brooks

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with New York Times best selling author, Harvard professor and happiness expert, Arthur Brooks on what happiness is and how to achieve it.

  • What is a social scientist? (3:33)
  • Why does academia lack humility? (4:38)
  • The massive human experiment that is the coronavirus pandemic. (7:58)
  • Is fear or control the biggest deterrent to your pursuit of happiness? (10:23)
  • Why there is fear-based polarity in the US. (16:32)
  • The comparison trap, that is social media. (19:05)
  • Why do parents tend to overprotect their children? (21:40)
  • What motivated him to write his new book? (25:50)
  • The commonalities of the happy as they age. (30:42)
  • Why wisdom is knowing how to use what you know. (33:20)
  • How life is not that interesting when you don’t have diversity. (36:50)
  • The importance of having a spiritual practice. (41:05)
  • The big problems created by the coronavirus and how to combat them. (45:14)
  • When you hate, someone is profiting. (50:12)
  • Arthur’s hopeful mindset for the future. (53:37)
  • The Opposite Signal Strategy (OSS) to combat loneliness. (55:42)
  • The thought experiment of understanding your intrinsic vs. extrinsic reward system. (57:39)
  • Do not let success ruin your happiness! (1:03:13)
  • How critical is the partner we choose to do this life with? (1:07:02)
  • Beware of success addiction. (1:09:26)
  • The practices of a healthy relationship. (1:16:50)
  • Being the child of a social scientist. (1:21:33)
  • Mind Pump, the happiness podcast. (1:26:40)
  • What is the secret to communicating with people with opposing views? (1:27:47)

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