1680: Muscle Science With Jordan Shallow

Nov 08, 2021
1680: Muscle Science With Jordan Shallow

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Dr. Jordan Shallow about muscle, pain and his training certification.

  • What made him want to take on a coaching certification? (2:42)
  • Do we have the ability to out structure bad function? (7:20)
  • The misconception around the definition of stability. (13:00)
  • Why theoretical knowledge without proper application is useless. (15:28)
  • Movement is learning. (22:31)
  • How really good athletes have a high internal motion capture. (27:38)
  • Vibration moves faster than pain. (32:21)
  • Why he teaches a principle-based approach. (38:05)
  • The neurological underpinning of muscle tightness. (43:30)
  • The value in finding the right index for your client. (46:40)
  • The most valuable experience of his certification. (55:22)
  • There is so much wisdom from learning from others. (1:00:32)
  • The challenge of digital etiquette with online coaches. (1:05:10)
  • Is there a portion of the curriculum that he is most proud of? (1:10:57)
  • Why his goal is NOT to confuse his clients. (1:12:13)
  • Did fear ever set in while creating his courses? (1:17:10)
  • The impact a good coach can have on someone’s quality of life. (1:20:42)

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