1665: How Gyms Survived Shutdowns With Jason Khalipa

Oct 18, 2021
1665: How Gyms Survived Shutdowns With Jason Khalipa

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with former CrossFit champion and gym owner Jason Khalipa about the challenges of running gyms during shutdowns and ongoing uncertainty.

  • Unpacking the pivots made since the beginning of the pandemic? (1:50)
  • Utilizing their likeness with their license program. (5:25)
  • What were the biggest differences he saw from the various government mandates? (8:22)
  • How did he handle this personally? (12:43)
  • Has he noticed a rebound effect in his businesses? (18:13)
  • How people don’t realize what they had until it’s gone. (21:33)
  • The steep learning curve of digital fitness space. (24:03)
  • What is he most proud of? (28:09)
  • Was he surprised what happened with Greg Glassman? (32:28)
  • Does he believe the perception has changed surrounding the CrossFit brand? (34:27)
  • What markets should we keep an eye on? (40:00)
  • How can the fitness space better communicate the benefits of being healthy and fit? (41:18)
  • How fitness teaches you micro adversity. (46:30)
  • Does he see a business in teaching children to move more? (48:10)
  • The ebbs and flows of building an app. (50:17)
  • The value of podcasting and social media in building a business. (56:00)
  • The best entrepreneurial advice he has received. (59:37)
  • His goal in competing in the CrossFit Legends Invitational. (1:02:15)
  • What brought him to jujutsu? (1:07:12)
  • Did he have a nemesis while he was competing? (1:10:00)
  • The good in seeing the sport transition outside the gym. (1:11:22)
  • What does the future look like for NC Fit? (1:13:31)

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