1650: How to Know When You Need a Physical Therapist

Sep 27, 2021
1650: How to Know When You Need a Physical Therapist

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Palak Shah, co-founder and head of clinical services for Luna, a revolutionary at-home physical therapy provider that is disrupting the industry.

  • What is physical therapy and what is its goal? (2:27)
  • Why not every physical therapist (PT) can treat an acute patient. (6:55)
  • Busting the myth that your joints have a shelf life. (8:52)
  • The value of finding insight into your own self. (12:03)
  • How movement is a skill. (13:53)
  • The importance for PTs to empower their patients. (16:15)
  • Are DPTs (Doctor of Physical Therapy) better than PTs? (19:49)
  • How has physical therapy evolved over the years? (26:13)
  • Why do 70% of patients stop their physical therapy before completion? (28:26)
  • What is home-based therapy? (30:51)
  • Will my insurance cover the cost? (34:15)
  • What types of services does Luna provide? (38:16)
  • Luna Physical Therapy, bringing good quality care outside the four walls of a clinic. (39:25)
  • Can you effectively treat someone at home without the fancy equipment? (40:47)
  • How does a PT become a Luna practitioner? (44:06)
  • How does Luna loosen the burden of documentation for the PT? (45:59)
  • How innovation creates disruption. (50:38)
  • Can my child be seen by a Luna practitioner? (52:18)
  • What type of people should seek physical therapy? (55:04)
  • How important is therapy post-pregnancy? (58:00)
  • Will the fitness enthusiast benefit from physical therapy? (1:00:04)
  • Did Luna find Palak, or did she find Luna? (1:01:25)

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