1642: COVID Vaccine Skepticism?

Sep 16, 2021
1642: COVID Vaccine Skepticism?

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin discuss why many in the fitness and wellness industry are skeptical about the COVID-19 Vaccination.

  • Why the health & fitness industry seems to always push back. (2:12)
  • Would this topic have been this polarizing 25 years ago? (3:44)
  • Why it’s nearly impossible to NOT have feelings around topics that are highly politicized. (5:46)
  • What politics do VERY well. (11:23)
  • What the current data shows. (13:07)
  • Why the health & fitness space is the most skeptical over the COVID vaccine recommendations. (16:14)
  • Why if health is a priority, you take action yourself first, before medical intervention. (21:44)
  • Why you must take FULL responsibility for your health. (25:47)
  • What is the risk factor of spreading the virus if not vaccinated? (32:30)
  • How there are lies and anti-truths. (36:50)
  • Why public policy is sometimes heavily influenced by lobbies and special interest groups. (40:05)
  • How you can be pro-vaccine, but not pro-mandates. (45:27)

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