1597: The Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance With David Epstein

Jul 15, 2021
1597: The Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance With David Epstein

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with investigative journalist and New York Times best selling author David Epstein about, nature, nurture, and athletic performance.

  • The Sports Gene: A story of tragedy sparked by an interest in genetics. (1:51)
  • Why are certain populations over misrepresented in sports? (3:37)
  • Why he was more backwards than getting it right researching for his new book. (6:21)
  • The generalization of skills. (9:38)
  • When is the perfect time for specialization? (14:28)
  • How would he mold his perfect athlete? (17:10)
  • Why he believes athletes now are at a drug disadvantage. (22:36)
  • How technological innovations have made a HUGE impact on the elite level in sports. (24:14)
  • The democratization of sports. (28:13)
  • How much of a role do steroids play in professional sports? (30:59)
  • Comparing the impact of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, and erythropoietin (EPO). (36:10)
  • The story behind his breakout investigation of Alex Rodriguez testing positive for steroids. (39:40)
  • His personal beliefs on athletes using performance-enhancing drugs. (43:50)
  • Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete or not? (49:45)
  • The current research he finds interesting. (52:40)
  • Are we jumping the gun on new drugs? (55:07)
  • What will be the next big technological leap in sports? (59:47)
  • Has his attitude changed towards blood doping in sports? (1:06:07)

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