1580: Economy Crash 2021 With Peter Linneman

Jun 21, 2021
1580: Economy Crash 2021 With Peter Linneman

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with economist Peter Linneman about whether the economy is doomed and how to navigate the financial uncertainty of 2021.

  • How the money will eventually find a home. The impact of the Fed injecting money into the economy. (4:48)
  • Why inflation is one of the most misunderstood ideas. (10:00)
  • Why asset price inflation is a wonderful thing when you own assets. (11:43)
  • Has the Fed gone too far? What are the consequences of that? (18:30)
  • Did we see inflation in the cost of rent? (25:30)
  • Could we run into a shortage of places for people to live due to rent control? (34:08)
  • Why he believes the world is in a race to devalue itself. (38:08)
  • The importance of focusing on social fabric issues. (44:43)
  • Isn’t the price of things going down a good thing? (48:35)
  • The evolution of interest rates and the impact of expanding capacity. (53:34)
  • His prediction for demand in the real estate market for the coming years. (1:01:30)
  • The economics and impact of people buying up single-family homes to rent out. (1:10:11)
  • His advice for the person living paycheck to paycheck investing for their future. (1:14:45)
  • His opinion on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. (1:18:28)
  • Will the financial bubble burst? (1:20:40)
  • What books does he recommend? (1:22:51)

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