1572: Is Tonal Worth the Money? With Aly Orady

Jun 10, 2021
1572: Is Tonal Worth the Money? With Aly Orady

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Aly Orady, the CEO & founder of Tonal.

  • How is Tonal worth as much as a technology company?! (1:50)
  • A look behind the metrics of the average Tonal customer. (4:36)
  • What is Tonal and why do people use it? (7:22)
  • Why Sal is skeptical of the consistency model. (10:48)
  • How they use the data to personalize the workout. (13:21)
  • What are they doing to customize the Tonal experience for the individual? (16:16)
  • Where does he see the business most vulnerable? (19:37)
  • How do they recruit their coaches and educators? (27:39)
  • At what point do they get scared about people falling off? (29:47)
  • Have they run into any supply chain/demand issues? (33:49)
  • How they are investing into scaling their business. (39:30)
  • Does he see this turning into a performance piece of equipment for athletes? (42:11)
  • Why he believes the resistance is more than adequate. (44:29)
  • How does he deal with the safety aspect? (46:14)
  • The moment he knew he had something here. (48:52)
  • When was the initial release to the public? (53:00)
  • Does he see the trend of at-home workouts changing with gyms opening back up? (54:41)
  • The importance of strength training. (57:07)
  • The value of storytelling when it comes to marketing. (1:00:02)
  • Why being the CEO is the best job in the world. (1:02:48)
  • What has he learned during this whole process? (1:04:55)
  • Why if it was easy, he wouldn’t do it. (1:07:33)

Featured Guest

  • Aly Orady (@aorady)  Instagram
  • Tonal

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