1567: How Not to Die From Heart Disease With Dr. Alo

Jun 03, 2021
1567: How Not to Die From Heart Disease With Dr. Alo

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with cardiologist and trainer Dr. Mohammed Alo.

  • Why there is a lot you can get away with when you are lean and fit. (1:57)
  • Why you may be consuming less saturated fat than you think. (5:49)
  • The top 10 things you can do to improve your heart health. (8:17)
  • Are we genetically inclined to be overweight? (10:27)
  • How does plaque form in the arteries? (14:19)
  • The truth and value of statins. (16:44)
  • Why being in a calorie surplus leads to obesity. (23:25)
  • The importance of building muscle to reduce cardiovascular mortality. (30:43)
  • Why you can’t argue with studies when it comes to the benefits of resistance training. (37:48)
  • The value of having a balanced approach with it comes to your training modalities. (39:23)
  • Why the more muscle you have the more your body becomes insulin resistant. (41:38)
  • Are there any supplements that help improve heart health? (47:38)
  • Dr. Alo’s take on SARMS. (50:00)
  • Does he recommend taking aspirin to his patients/clients? (51:30)
  • Myth or fact: Do men suffer from more cases of heart disease than women? (53:09)
  • How the volume of smoke you consume may be affecting you. (55:48)
  • The obesity paradox explained. (1:00:36)
  • Is he pro gastric bypass surgery? (1:04:45)
  • What attracted him to Mind Pump? (1:09:00)
  • Has he seen carry over from his personal training business to his medical profession? (1:13:50)
  • The biggest problem he has with doctors. (1:18:40)
  • Why exercise is NOT as important as diet. (1:22:20)

Featured Guest/People Mentioned 

  • Dr.Alo (@dr.alo) on Instagram
  • Dr. Alo YouTube
  • Dr. Alo Website
  • Gary Taubes (@garytaubes)  Instagram

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