1542: How Bodybuilders Ruined Weight Lifting for Everyone

Apr 29, 2021
1542: How Bodybuilders Ruined Weight Lifting for Everyone

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin discuss how bodybuilders have helped and hurt the perception of lifting weights.

  • How movies play a HUGE role in our culture. (2:27)
  • The origins of weightlifting. (5:11)
  • Busting the myth that lifting weights makes you muscle-bound. (8:53)
  • Is the stigma warranted? (11:00)
  • How the 70s and 80s only pushed the poor perception of weight lifting. (14:23)
  • How it was considered cheating in Hollywood if you lifted weights in the 90s. (20:00)
  • The benefits that come from resistance training. (22:46)
  • Why muscle is protective. (25:36)
  • Why do you lose muscle when you train and eat the WRONG way. (29:49)
  • How resistance training is the BEST form of exercise for a strong heart. (36:15)
  • Will resistance training stunt my child’s growth? (38:07)
  • Should I weight train if I am of advanced age? (41:06)
  • Understanding the context of modern life when it comes to resistance training. (43:17)
  • Why the medical community must push for the value of resistance training. (46:13)
  • Getting the average person to understand the EXTREME value of resistance training. (50:59)

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