1530: Why Warm-Ups Are a Waste of Time

Apr 12, 2021
1530: Why Warm-Ups Are a Waste of Time

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin discuss why traditional warm-ups are an inferior way to prepare for a workout and what you should do instead.

  • How the guys were sold on the 10-minute warm-up as young personal trainers. (1:41)
  •         The moment the guy’s minds were blown on what a warm-up ACTUALLY does. (5:13)
  •         Why you don’t hurt yourself from a movement you OWN. (8:28)
  •         The importance of stretching with PURPOSE. (12:21)
  •         The benefits and challenges of foam rolling. (15:16)
  •         What a proper warm-up SHOULD do for you. (17:57)
  •         The extreme value of MAPS Prime. (23:20)
  •         Instability versus stability. The problems in the fitness space and with scientific studies. (26:46)
  •         Don’t blame your morphology! (33:49)
  •         Why proper priming needs a better sales pitch. (37:08)
  •         The value and intent of the MAPS Prime Webinar. (40:49)
  •         The beauty of priming. (42:33)

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