1502: How to Drink & Stay Fit

Mar 04, 2021
1502: How to Drink & Stay Fit

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin talk about how to enjoy drinking alcohol and still achieve your fitness goals.

  • The fascinating and surprising statistics surrounding drinking alcohol. (2:24)
  • Then and Now: How the guys address the alcohol conversation to their clients. (7:36)
  • How to drink and stay fit for the party animal. (11:11)
  • What alcohol does to the body. (16:18)
  • What you can do to help mitigate the effects of too much alcohol and the value of pacing yourself. (22:57)
  • Diet and alcohol. (26:12)
  • The alcohols with the least amount of physical effects on the body. (29:46)
  • Addressing your behaviors/psychology and building your self-awareness around alcohol. (31:13)
  • Why it is good to have hard rules for yourself. (35:45)
  • The Mind Pump formula for drinking and staying fit. (41:54)

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