1482: Canceled With Bryan Callen

Feb 04, 2021
1482: Canceled With Bryan Callen

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with comedian and actor Bryan Callen about having his life turned upside down by unproven accusations.

  • Why art is meant to disturb. (3:11)
  • Why bad ideas will always be around and repackaged. (7:11)
  • How academics are in the business of deconstructing. (9:01)
  • The brilliance of the Founding Fathers. (12:01)
  • The scary nature of purifying your echo chamber. (14:50)
  • Addressing the allegations of sexual abuse and its downstream effects on his previous podcast. (17:41)
  • The moment when you define yourself and keep fighting. (23:40)
  • The gifts of going through a crisis. (27:08)
  • How did he develop his winning mentality? (30:28)
  • The moment he knew ‘The Fighter and the Kid’ was a success. (35:25)
  • What makes the skill of podcasting so different? (37:09)
  • The internet is undefeated! (39:48)
  • Why you must accept everything as it is. (42:05)
  • The challenges of being a father in this current climate. (46:33)
  • Why the art of fighting brings him joy. (51:21)
  • Will social media influencers disrupt the sport of boxing? (56:53)
  • The beauty of aggression. (1:00:45)
  • Conspiracy Social Club. (1:05:10)
  • Is comedy competitive? (1:10:55)
  • Who is the greatest comedian at the moment? (1:12:35)
  • The Rockstar era of comedy. (1:13:15)
  • The evolution of Bryan Callen. (1:17:03)
  • The art of bombing and taking your licks. (1:19:48)
  • Have we seen the last Hollywood star? (1:21:52)
  • What does the future look like for Bryan Callen? (1:23:48)
  • The importance of adventure and intimacy. (1:24:50)

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