1480: How to Find Peace & Meaning Amid Chaos With Bishop Robert Barron

Feb 01, 2021
1480: How to Find Peace & Meaning Amid Chaos With Bishop Robert Barron

In this episode, Sal speaks with Bishop Robert Barron. 

  • Why do people seem to be feeling so bad, so divided, when objectively speaking we seem to be doing great economically? (3:35)
  • Why he believes claiming no religion in our youth is a recipe for deep suffering. (7:55)
  • Can we find objective morality without religion? (8:47)
  • The differences between Karl Marx and moral philosophies. (12:03)
  • Does this current “woke” movement have its roots in Marxism? (13:35)
  • What are the differences between the turmoil that is happening now, and in the 1960s and 70s? (15:25)
  • Why are religious institutions being attacked at the moment? (19:30)
  • Why are we opposed to religious freedom? (21:37)
  • How we are made to worship. (23:41)
  • The importance of asking ‘why’ to find your ultimate value. (26:17)
  • The connection of secularism and people wanting fewer children. (32:12)
  • Why the corruption of the best is the worst. (35:19)
  • How social media facilitates the mob mentality. (37:48)
  • What is the antidote to the negative side of the mob mentality? (40:58)
  • Why we must do what we can to stand up to the bullies. (43:37)
  • Are lockdowns moral? (46:00)
  • Why the revival of religion is what it will take to reverse the violence in our society. (48:54)
  • How religion tends to flourish when people are brought to certain limits. (51:16)
  • Why we should all perform the simple acts of love. (54:45)

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