1467: How to Squat for Your Body Type With Dr. Aaron Horschig

Jan 14, 2021
1467: How to Squat for Your Body Type With Dr. Aaron Horschig

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin talk all things squat with Squat University’s Dr. Aaron Horschig.

  • The origin story of Squat University and his reasoning behind the name. (3:37)
  • Understanding your anatomy and why people like to blame theirs. (10:28)
  • What is “butt-wink” and it is optimal for your body? (14:55)
  • Why everyone’s body has its own set of needs and requirements to perform properly. (19:30)
  • His order of operations assessing a first-time client. (23:54)
  • What happens to the body when you do mobility and why should I care about doing it daily? (26:54)
  • Why he subscribes to muscle re-education. (32:50)
  • Are squats a fundamental human movement? (34:13)
  • Can you justify a quarter squat for a basketball player? (38:33)
  • Is there a test to find your ideal squat stance? (40:16)
  • What are the major differences between correctional exercise and exercise to build strength & muscle? (45:19)
  • What irks him the most about the physical therapy space? (49:06)
  • Don’t ignore your physical capacity. (51:45)
  • Why you shouldn’t stop inflammation, but understand it instead. (54:12)

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