1437: The Unfiltered Truth About MMA With Phil Daru

Dec 03, 2020
1437: The Unfiltered Truth About MMA With Phil Daru

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with renowned fight trainer, Phil Daru.

  • Phil’s experience hanging out with Logan Paul. (4:06)
  • His thoughts on the recent Mike Tyson fight. (7:43)
  • How there are levels to this game. (8:40)
  • Why being good these days is not enough. (11:30)
  • Could you be a really good fighter and not be picked up by the UFC? (13:53)
  • The journeyman’s journey explained. (14:41)
  • The attributes of a great versus successful fighter. (16:01)
  • Why he likes to have his hands on everything. (17:46)
  • The mental training involved in fighting. (19:09)
  • When did he realize he had more passion for coaching than fighting? (22:41)
  • The characteristics of a ‘fighter’. (23:26)
  • The last time a fighter surprised him. (26:11)
  • The importance of ‘taking a punch’. (27:47)
  • The components of a “badass” team. (30:17)
  • Understanding the roles of the coaches. (33:20)
  • The most optimal form of martial arts for the average person. (34:46)
  • The truth behind the statement, the last thing to go is your power. (36:05)
  • The greatness of Tyson and Ali. (37:30)
  • The common misconceptions of having ‘knockout power’. (39:11)
  • The evolution of MMA and the role of PED’s in the sport. (40:57)
  • His take on transgender athletes in mixed martial arts. (45:42)
  • The biggest mistakes coaches make with their fighters. (47:56)
  • The science and process behind weight cutting. (49:59)
  • What does the rehydration process look like? (54:07)
  • The role of marijuana when it comes to performance. (55:50)
  • Why you will not see fighters fighting in the streets. (58:27)
  • The value of MMA training for kids. (59:54)
  • The humbling effects of training in an MMA gym, the benefits of slow wins & MORE. (1:01:55)
  • The value of the enforcer. (1:05:28)
  • The fragile nature of the male ego. (1:09:40)
  • Guiding his children in the right way. (1:14:07)
  • The craziest moves he has seen. (1:15:25)
  • What separates him from his peers? (1:17:38)
  • Building that ‘buy-in’ with his athletes. (1:19:25)
  • The importance of the ‘arts’ of mixed martial arts. (1:22:53)
  • Who is the best striker he has seen? (1:24:38)
  • Fighters to look out for. (1:25:50)

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