1430: Why Everyone Should Deadlift

Nov 23, 2020
1430: Why Everyone Should Deadlift

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin discuss why the deadlift is one of the most effective exercises you can do.

  • Why should you deadlift? (2:55)
  • A fundamental movement that is still relevant today. (5:32)
  • The myths surrounding the deadlift. (8:18)
  • Why a deadlifters body doesn’t always have a large waist. (12:14)
  • The importance of having confidence if you are a trainer. (15:24)
  • How the body responds to the environment you present it in. (17:20)
  • The crossover benefits into the real world. (21:40)
  • An excellent exercise for beginners! (22:30)
  • The value of the isometric aspect of the exercise. (27:37)
  • Practice the movement to rid yourself of default patterns. (30:16)
  • Deadlifts build strong hands! (32:36)
  • How deadlifts build a bulletproof back. (36:32)
  • Make sure to modify your intensity. (41:37)

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