1390: The State of the Gym Industry with UFC Gym President Adam Sedlack

Sep 28, 2020
1390: The State of the Gym Industry with UFC Gym President Adam Sedlack

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with UFC Gym president Adam Sedlack.

  • The funny story of how Adam met Sal. (4:00)
  • Adam’s 24 Hour Fitness journey. (6:54)
  • What was it like working for Ray Wilson and Mark Mastrov? (10:04)
  • Was the transition rocky when 24 Hour acquired Family Fitness? (12:41)
  • The evolution of the gym space: His take on the race to the least expensive. (13:44)
  • The pivotal moment he knew 24 Hour was doomed. (18:54)
  • The COVID-19 impact on the industry and how the UFC Gyms adapted. (21:22)
  • His theory on how Planet Fitness is surviving right now. (27:34)
  • Why he believes Governor Gavin Newsom’s policies are costing people their lives. (29:25)
  • Behind closed doors conversations: The strategic way UFC Gyms are bringing back the fitness model. (38:39)
  • How to get involved politically to make a change. (42:06)
  • The mental health effects. (46:00)
  • Changing the narrative of fitness, how the at-home model is bringing more fitness awareness. (49:33)
  • Mark Mastrov, making BIG moves. (55:58)
  • How to build consumer trust in the COVID-19 era. (57:35)
  • Their strategy with new media. (1:00:30)
  • Does he see any permanent changes to the market? (1:05:49)
  • Is remote work a way of the future? (1:10:03)
  • His advice to the single gym owner. (1:10:55)
  • How to create a community in a two-dimensional world. (1:12:47)
  • How you live your journey today will make the difference. (1:15:30)
  • From the front desk to President, the evolution of Adam Sedlack. (1:16:54)
  • The moment in his journey that changed his life. (1:20:04)
  • How to identify honest and authentic people. (1:24:47)
  • Fitness, the best personal growth tool there is. (1:26:36)
  • Navigating family life during a pandemic. (1:28:28)
  • Building a legacy through actions. (1:31:58) 
  • Are there things he would have done differently when starting a family? (1:34:45)
  • Going all-in on being the RV guy. (1:37:25)
  • What you may not know about Mark Mastrov. (1:38:35)

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