1357: The Single Most Effective At-Home Workout Tool

Aug 13, 2020
1357: The Single Most Effective At-Home Workout Tool

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin discuss the simplicity, versatility and effectiveness of the suspension trainer and how to use it to build muscle and lose fat.

  • The single most effective at-home workout tool. (3:24)
  • The long history of suspension tools and their effectiveness. (6:30)
  • Mind Pump Revelations: How Mind Pump was introduced to the suspension trainer and the benefits they discovered. (8:45)
  • The versatility of the suspension trainer. (14:02)
  • How this tool is easily modifiable. (16:45)
  • Getting your body to respond the way it should. (19:40)
  • The benefits of closed chain movements. (22:46)
  • Becoming aware of your entire body and building core stability through suspension training. (28:12)
  • Bulletproof yourself from injury through strengthening your stabilizer muscles. (36:55)
  • Emphasizing unilateral movements for bigger gains. (42:57)
  • Excellent for building muscle! (45:02)
  • How proper programming will make things  more effective! Why EVERY trainer should own MAPS Suspension. (46:55)

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