1290: The Homeless Crisis With Dr. Drew

May 11, 2020
1290: The Homeless Crisis With Dr. Drew

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Dr. Drew Pinskey about the homelessness crisis and the coronavirus. 

  • How bad is the homeless issue in California? (3:31)
  • What are the harms that we are seeing from this epidemic? (7:33)
  • The call for psychiatric care for people on the streets with mental illnesses. (11:10)
  • Busting the myth of the housing issue in California. (13:21)
  • Has he seen any change in public policy when it comes to this issue? (16:25)
  • Tackling the puzzle of the effect of the coronavirus on the homeless population. (18:46)
  • How being sheltered in place may be causing more harm than good. (21:10)
  • How can we, as citizens, help with the homeless situation today? (27:55)
  • The Mind Pump crew expressing their frustration on the homeless crisis. (30:37)

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