1252: Confessions of a Sports Agent

Mar 19, 2020
1252: Confessions of a Sports Agent

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Wynn Silberman, a sports agent who has represented well-known pros in the NFL and MLB. Wynn is full of fascinating behind the scenes stories.

  • Why he believes oxygen heals. (3:59)
  • His take on stem cell treatment. (5:38)
  • What things have impressed him the most when it comes to recovery and rehab? (6:30)
  • Why stem cell research in the US is so slow. (8:25)
  • How many athletes are ACTUALLY investing in their recovery and health? (9:20)
  • Pablo Sandoval likes to party. (13:37)
  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? (16:20)
  • Cannabis and the NFL. (22:55)
  • How the NFL always seems to win against the Players Union. (27:18)
  • How does one become a sports agent? (29:05)
  • What makes you a good agent? (31:52)
  • The scariest moment he has encountered as an agent. (40:06)
  • The concept of a “professional groupie.” (48:55)
  • The importance of educating the athlete on social media/branding, case in reference, Marquette King. (53:20)
  • His perspective on the situation with Colin Kaepernick. (1:04:09)
  • Do players ever negotiate deals without agents? (1:13:14)
  • What separates him from Drew Rosenhaus? (1:16:15)
  • That time he got in a fight with “The Shark.” (1:18:05)
  • How he defines the NFL Combine. (1:19:17)
  • A peek behind the curtain, how much an agent makes when a player signs a massive deal. (1:21:10)


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