1245: Why Meal Plans Suck

Mar 09, 2020
1245: Why Meal Plans Suck

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin discuss the pitfalls of meal plans.

  • The unpopular statement, why all meal plans suck. (2:58)
  • The mistakes the guys made in their early days of personal training when it came to providing meal plans to their clients. (5:15)
  • Why MOST people cannot stick to a meal plan. (11:52)
  • Challenging the trainer to not go the lazy route. (15:46)
  • Is following a meal plan long-term considered a disordered form of eating? (19:09)
  • What restricted eating can promote. (20:26)
  • It is NOT for me. (26:56)
  • Real-life changes, so change your routine. (31:19)
  • How the answers are NOT what will give you success, it’s how you GET to the answers that will give you success. (32:58)
  • Tips to build long-term results and change behaviors. (36:30)
  • Nutrition is individualized. (43:28)

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