1240: The Muscle Building & Fat Burning Effects of Oly Lifting With Sonny Webster

Mar 02, 2020
1240: The Muscle Building & Fat Burning Effects of Oly Lifting With Sonny Webster

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin discuss the challenges and benefits of Olympic Lifting with Olympian Sonny Webster.

  • What is Olympic Lifting? (3:30)
  • The difference between power and strength. (5:10)
  • Does getting stronger contribute to more power? (6:08)
  • The prerequisites REQUIRED if you want to start Olympic lifting. (7:08)
  • Are Olympic weightlifting shoes recommended? (8:56)
  • Where does it rank in terms of complexity and skill required? (10:33)
  • How does he define mobility? (14:40)
  • Olympic Weightlifting for Beginners 101. Understanding the process, the think box vs the play box & MORE. (16:04)
  • What role does fatigue play into this modality? (20:30)
  • Teaching Olympic Weightlifting in the CrossFit market. (22:40)
  • Breaking down the triple extension. (29:00)
  • The process of the catch position. (31:20)
  • What are the most common athletes that come to him? (32:29)
  • The best complimentary exercises for Olympic Weightlifting? (34:25)
  • What paradigm-shattering moments has he experienced in his career? (37:00)
  • Where did he get his mobility from and how does he keep it up? (39:30)
  • How often does he chase PR’s? (40:40)
  • Selling Olympic Weightlifting to the masses: What can they expect to gain? (41:45)
  • The importance of getting the RIGHT muscles to work. (44:40)
  • What are the most common injuries? (46:04)
  • For the average person, what element of Olympic Weightlifting would he recommend they start with? (47:21)
  • Should I mobilize or practice movements before or after my workout? (49:08)
  • Is there a technique to brace the core when doing Olympic Weightlifting? (52:00)
  • Weightlifting can be assessable for EVERYONE! (55:33)
  • Practice the skill and master the movement. (57:52)


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