1210: How to Eat to Lose Fat & Build Muscle With Jason Phillips

Jan 20, 2020
1210: How to Eat to Lose Fat & Build Muscle With Jason Phillips

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with Jason Phillips about all things nutrition when it comes to losing fat, building muscle and avoiding diet pitfalls.

  • Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? (5:58)
  • Which should you focus on first? (11:49)
  • How the physical follows the physiological. (15:12)
  • Why you can’t implement a shitty diet and get results. Teaching a connection-based model for successful coaches. (17:20)
  • Reverse vs recovery diets: Debating the two different schools of thought. (23:17)
  • The value and dark side of cheat meals. (27:24)
  • What is better for fat loss, low carb or low-fat diet? (31:55)
  • Training fighters, weight cutting and the delicate balance involved. (37:28)
  • Protein 101: The value, proper intake, why context matters & MORE. (43:21)
  • What is the RIGHT approach to building muscle and bulking? (53:01)
  • What are the ideal carb sources for his athletes? Ideal protein sources? (57:14)
  • Getting the ‘itch’ to get back into the game training clients. (1:04:47)
  • The problem is not knowing enough, but focusing on the human being. (1:08:18)
  • How did NCI come to be and how have they evolved? (1:09:40)
  • What is his feeling of potentially having national standards on coaches? (1:12:53)
  • Special discount for Mind Pump listeners ONLY!! Impact over everything! (1:14:15)

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