1170: Q&A with Mike Matthews

Nov 25, 2019
1170: Q&A with Mike Matthews

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin talk with good friend, Mike Matthews about his how he built his company, Legion, and then answer questions asked by the live audience.

  • Protein bar companies are making out! (2:15)
  • What has been the worst product idea he has had? (3:37)
  • What products surprised him that sold well? (4:51)
  • How the pre-workout market has really taken off and the shenanigans that have come with it. (8:05)
  • Why a part of him is ashamed to be in the supplement industry. (16:40)
  • How all markets have unsophisticated consumers. (18:00)
  • Is the supplement consumer becoming more attuned? (23:54)
  • The self-education of Mike Matthews: How did he acquire his wealth of information? (25:30)
  • The ‘ah-ha’ moments the guys experienced with their training. (30:20)
  • How you can still be honest and be successful. (38:14)
  • Appreciating the value and importance of sleep. (39:22)
  • What are the upcoming opportunities in the health/fitness space? (45:25)
  • How do I stand out in the ‘content-heavy’ crowd? (1:00:02)
  • Why does he sell fat burners and not branch chain amino acids? (1:09:42)
  • You can build a business and NOT lie. (1:17:20)
  • What to do when there are detractors on your fitness journey? (1:19:41)
  • Is it recommended to take senna for no more than once a week and what can be done to fix oneself after excessive use? (1:28:15)
  • How do I transition from more active work to sedentary? (1:33:00)


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  • Eric Helms PhD, 3DMJ R&D Chief (@helms3dmj) • Instagram
  • Mark Rippetoe (@CoachRippetoe) · Twitter
  • Kelly Starrett (@mobilitywod) • Instagram

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