1160: Bret Contreras- The Glute Guru

Nov 11, 2019
1160: Bret Contreras- The Glute Guru

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with Bret Contreras, inventor of the hip thrust and renowned butt building expert.

  • From a math teacher to glute guru: How did Bret get to where he is today? (2:41)
  • Where did his obsession with glut training come from? (10:17)
  • How he made hip bridges a thing. (14:50)
  • Why it takes a strong woman to date a trainer. (18:37)
  • The importance of staying true to who you are. (20:17)
  • How he considers himself a lifter first, trainer second and then a scientist. (24:35)
  • Why research is important when it comes to the validity of a study. (27:28)
  • The science and studies on machines vs free weights/compound lifts: How all exercises are tools. (41:40)
  • Do something that challenges your end range of motion to see greater muscle development. (1:04:02)
  • The growing disconnects in the fitness industry. (1:08:05)
  • Understanding the frequency aspect of training. (1:12:34)
  • How everyone thinks they are SO advanced. (1:22:30)
  • The importance of learning your own body and listening to it. (1:32:10)

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