1150: Mark Bell on How He Stays Lean & Jacked, SARMS, Business Mistakes to Avoid & MORE

Oct 28, 2019
1150: Mark Bell on How He Stays Lean & Jacked, SARMS, Business Mistakes to Avoid & MORE

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin talk with Mark “Smelly” Bell.

  • The unlikely sports Mark did when he was younger. (1:57)
  • How being wealthy is just as embarrassing as being poor. (5:12)
  • The fine line between how much we push our children. (9:38)
  • How would he define success for his kids? (11:35)
  • The significance of having quality TIME in the Bell household. (12:36)
  • The battle of managing digital wellness in today’s landscape. (15:47)
  • Mark’s take on the vegan movement and the premise behind The Game Changer’s documentary. (23:20)
  • What was his diet like before going carnivore? (28:33)
  • How every plus has a minus when it comes to the foods we eat. (32:38)
  • Why we should all have some caution with what we are taking: Mark shares the reasoning behind his supplement line and why he takes kratom. (34:52)
  • How does he stay lean and jacked today? (45:41)
  • Has there been anything that he learned from his bodybuilding training that he has kept in his current training? (50:07)
  • Are there big differences in the anabolic substances used in bodybuilding in comparison to powerlifting? (53:30)
  • If it’s not full it’s empty. (56:07)
  • What are his views on SARMS? (57:50)
  • The most common mistakes people make when trying to start a business. (59:45)
  • What is the best advice he has gotten? (1:04:15)
  • The importance of testing the water before you dive in. (1:06:08)
  • The value of team building and what does leadership mean to him. (1:07:46)
  • What are the greatest challenges for the CEO of a company? (1:11:03)
  • What role does the podcast play in his business? How does he pick the guests? (1:17:37)
  • One thing we would be surprised to learn about Mark? (1:22:36)
  • Biggest insecurity? (1:25:02)
  • His social media endgame. (1:26:51)

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