1135: Amelia Boone Takes on Her Biggest Obstacle… A 20 Year Eating Disorder

Oct 07, 2019
1135: Amelia Boone Takes on Her Biggest Obstacle… A 20 Year Eating Disorder

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with 4x world champion obstacle course racer Amelia Boone who goes into detail about her 20-year struggle with Anorexia and how she is taking control of this long-term challenge.

  • Her internal struggle with food and timeline leading up to her entering an eating disorder treatment center. (3:30)
  • Why it is so prevalent to talk about your relationship with food. (8:34)
  • How she feels brought to life by a challenge and the triggers that came from it. (9:42)
  • The value of unpacking bad behaviors. (12:32)
  • How the internal intrinsic motivations/characteristics that make you excel in so many areas of your life are also the ones that can drive you into mental health disorders. (14:12)
  • What did the process of treatment look like for her? (17:32)
  • Why she chose the treatment program she did and what was the most difficult part about it? (22:57)
  • Were there common things she found that was the underlying issue of the disorder? (28:25)
  • Her advice to parents regarding their own children. (30:18)
  • What has she incorporated into her life since being out of the treatment center? (32:25)
  • Did she share her story to inspire others? (33:45)
  • Does she feel more like herself since going through this process? (36:38)
  • Why no two eating disorders look the same: The importance of NOT making foods off-limits. (41:08)
  • How has she managed her nutrient/hormone levels through this process? (43:47)
  • Making friends with your feelings. (46:22)
  • What has the feedback been from her audience? (48:19)
  • Why we don’t recommend diets, we discuss them. (51:05)
  • How having GOOD relationships is GOOD for your health and wellbeing. (54:05)
  • Why we need a cultural shift around the weight stigma and the feeling of being hungry. (58:08)
  • What foods make her happy now? (1:02:15)
  • What does her current training look like? (1:04:30)

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