1132: How to Build Your Triceps

Oct 03, 2019
1132: How to Build Your Triceps

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin discuss how to build the triceps.

  • How the triceps are the defining characteristic of the arm. (2:38)
  • The anatomy of the triceps: The attachments, myths, function & MORE. (5:10)
  • The 4 MOST important things to FOCUS on when training your triceps. (13:18)
  • What rep ranges do the triceps respond to? (28:38)
  • How to incorporate BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) into your triceps routine. (29:21)
  • What is the ideal set count for the triceps for the week? Frequency of training? (31:23)
  • The SPECIFIC exercises that MUST be in your routine to build/sculpt your triceps. (33:15)
  • Mind Pump’s PHENOMENAL tricep building workouts: Exercises, rep ranges, sets & MORE. 
    • Sal’s workout. (40:21)
    • Adam’s workout. (42:21)
    • Justin’s workout. (44:05)

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