1130: Andrew Tarvin- The World’s First Humor Engineer

Sep 30, 2019
1130: Andrew Tarvin- The World’s First Humor Engineer

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin talk with Andrew Tarvin all about humor and how to use it a work and beyond.

  • What was his first REAL job? (3:53)
  • The moment he knew he was onto something. (6:40)
  • Stand up with a message: How he became the ‘Corporate Humorist’ at work. (10:03)
  • How did his first stand up set go? (12:38)
  • “Operation Leave Corporate America” and the journey to his TEDx Talk viral moment.  (14:55)
  • The BIG differences between what is appropriate on a comedy stage compared to a corporate setting. (20:44)
  • Why his material is always ‘Rated Mom’. (24:18)
  • How does he monetize what he does for a living? (28:33)
  • Why do we find things funny? (29:43)
  • The skill of humor: The 3 components needed to learn TODAY. (34:14)
  • What did he learn from going on 96 first dates?? (44:18)
  • Do comedians play an important role in society? (54:34)
  • Memes: A structured way to help people create humor. (59:11)
  • Can he point out someone who studies the art of comedy? (1:05:03)
  • What are his top comedians? (1:07:23)
  • The concept of the ‘Peak/End’ principle, using humor to get a specific result and finding ways to love what you do. (1:09:00)
  • The misconception of happiness. (1:17:00)

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