1110: Doug Bopst- From Felony to Fitness to Free

Sep 02, 2019
1110: Doug Bopst- From Felony to Fitness to Free

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin have an honest and heartfelt conversation with Doug Bopst. Incarcerated at 20, Doug has since been able to overcome self-destructive behavior and self-doubt by taking ownership of his life.

  • How Doug reached out to Mind Pump. (2:42)
  • “How I used drugs to escape my own life.” (4:25)
  • What was his relationship like with his parents and siblings growing up? (8:54)
  • The moment he knew he was going to be dead or rot in jail. (11:06)
  • The first time he felt someone gave him unconditional love. His journey from ‘victim to victor’ while in jail. (18:45)
  • What is the ‘workout culture’ like in prison? (24:33)
  • How he used his pain and turned it into motivation. (26:28)
  • The moment he decided to use fitness to change other people’s lives. (28:52)
  • His transition from bitterness to spirituality. (34:07)
  • His relationship with fitness and how he found his current significant other. (39:24)
  • What was his craziest drug story? (43:12)
  • “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” (45:17)
  • The role of having a spiritual practice and the impact it had on his purpose in life. (48:34)
  • What are his current business ventures? (53:54)
  • What has been the scariest experience of public speaking so far? (55:17)
  • Why you MUST never forgot where you came from. (56:32)
  • Why exercise and nutrition of two of the most important tools we have to battle drug addiction. (58:28)
  • His biggest insecurities surrounding relationships. (1:00:58)

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