1082: The Truth About Beachbody®

Jul 25, 2019
1082: The Truth About Beachbody®

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin address the controversy they stirred up on a recent Quah about Beachbody and go into greater depth about what they feel is the good, bad and ugly with respect to their programs. 

  • Mind Pump ruffling feathers for the sake of integrity & transparency. (2:20)
  • Why is Beachbody a household name? What are they doing RIGHT? (5:35)
  • Beachbody = Processed Food of Health. (12:50)
  • How the value of their workouts is based on YOUR experience level. (16:30)
  • The raw truth review of Body Beast. (20:00)
  • The raw truth review of P90X and Insanity. (23:25)
  • How the average person places the value of their work out on the calories burned. (26:40)
  • Why is multi-level marketing (MLM) so easy to pray on when it comes to the fitness space? (28:38)
  • How Mind Pump is DIFFERENT from Beachbody when it comes to their marketing strategy. (34:50)
  • The steps to achieve LONG TERM successful results. (36:21)
  • Why Beachbody programs are NOTHING to be excited about. How Mind Pump WILL WIN. (44:21)

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