1070: Underground Muscle Building Secrets with Dr. Scott Stevenson

Jul 08, 2019
1070: Underground Muscle Building Secrets with Dr. Scott Stevenson

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Dr. Scott Stevenson, competitive bodybuilder, PhD in applied exercise physiologist, college professor and author of Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach. Scott provides an interesting and insightful perspective on blending eastern and western philosophy and the science of building muscle.  

  • How does training in herbs and acupuncture translate to muscle building? (2:21)
  • What drove him to enter into the field of Eastern Medicine? (5:28)
  • Did he experience any ‘ah-ha’ moments in his training in Chinese medicine? (11:25)
  • Was he able to take his knowledge of Chinese Medicine to help even the extreme bodybuilders? (14:00)
  • Does ‘bro-training’ have any validity? (18:50)
  • How in bro science the biggest guys are usually the strongest guys. (26:45)
  • The phenomenon of muscle wisdom. (31:25)
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  • What does the current research say about muscle hyperplasia? (43:04)
  • Can people do cycles of anabolics and go off, but essentially be better off than they were before in terms of muscle size? (46:15)
  • The science behind ‘trigger sessions’ to build muscle. (49:00)
  • What are the most common things that he has to change in a competitor? (54:17)
  • Do free weights tend to build more muscle? If so, why? (57:24)
  • Is there a hierarchy in advanced training techniques? (1:03:34)
  • What are some techniques that he uses on his athletes to allow their central nervous system (CNS) to be able to take on more? (1:11:35)
  • Has he had any experience with an all-day workout? (1:15:50)
  • For someone who has been working out for years, go on their first anabolic steroid cycle, should they change their training? If they do, what should they change? (1:22:40)
  • Do receptors down regulate with too many steroid cycles? (1:26:24)

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