1060: Stephanie Greunke of the Whole Mamas Podcast

Jun 24, 2019
1060: Stephanie Greunke of the Whole Mamas Podcast

In this episode, Sal, Adam, and Justin speak with Stephanie Greunke of the Whole Mamas Podcast about health and nutrition pre, mid and post pregnancy.

  • Why she created the Whole Mamas Club? (2:40)
  • The misinformation surrounding pregnancy in our current culture. (5:21)
  • How we are NOT eating in a way that is optimal for our health and fertility. (7:52)
  • What are the common nutrition issues, she sees, with women NOT able to get pregnant? (10:14)
  • What foods support healthy pre-conception pregnancy and post-partum? (12:00)
  • The first trimester: What to look out for and expect. (16:54)
  • The importance of sunlight pre and post pregnancy. (19:22)
  • Why you SHOULD exercise while pregnant. (21:19)
  • The fears surrounding birth. (27:47)
  • The microbiome, probiotics, and birth. (35:19)
  • The changes of nutrition pre, during and post pregnancy + the mysteries surrounding cravings. (38:35)
  • Why she is an advocate of ‘maternal mental health’. (44:45)
  • The ‘Four R Approach’ to mental health post-partum. (48:23)
  • What can you do to set yourself up for success pre-baby? (54:40)
  • Exercise recommendations post-partum. (58:34)
  • The benefits and struggles surrounding breastfeeding + alternatives to breastmilk. (1:01:42)
  • What are the best things a father can do to support this process? (1:12:44)
  • Gestational diabetes and when/what to test for. (1:14:45)

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