1042: The Truth About HIIT- The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

May 30, 2019

In this episode Sal, Adam and Justin break down High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), the negatives, the positives and how to do it properly.

  • The confusion and misconceptions around HIIT (High-intensity interval training). (2:43)
  • Demystifying the ‘aura’ around HIIT. Who is it for? Not for? (11:45)
  • What are the risks involved with HIIT? (14:05)
  • When would you program HIIT for a client? Yourself? (22:54)
  • Do you lose less muscle doing HIIT vs. traditional cardio? (30:20)
  • The benefits of HIIT. (31:46)
  • What HIIT protocol would you prescribe for a client? (35:44)
  • What two things prevent people from succeeding at HIIT? (43:17)
  • Biggest takeaways for proper HIIT training + Why MAPS HIIT is superior programming. (44:48)

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